The last weekend of January, as usual in recent years, Córdoba hosts the Medieval Fair. In 2020, it will be located in the streets near the river Guadalquivir (5 minutes by foot from Arriadh), and, as a novelty this year, also in Plaza del Potro, from the 24th to 26th of January.

The Córdoba of the Three Cultures (Muslims, Christians and Jews); this will be the main theme of the Medieval Fair in 2020. Visitors will enjoy having the experience by theirselves how the city was like during the Middle Ages. Between 100 and 150 street stalls and workshops, shows, animations, exhibitions, parades, musical performances, dances, theater and an endless number of activities for all kind of  audiences. The streets, squares and avenues will be decorated giving us the sensation of being walking in the Córdoba of those times. Furthermore, the variety of activities, and the number of stalls and workshops will be increased in comparison to previous years. The authorities have said that new parking areas near the fair will be provided, due to the large number of visitors that it will receive.

It is, without doubt, one of the big events of the year in Cordoba; an unique opportunity for all the of audiences of experience a trip through history in time to the cordovan Middle Ages, where Jewish, Christians and Muslims lived at the same time. Don’t think it twice and come to enjoy the Medieval Fair with us in Arriadh.