Churrasco Restaurant

Without a doubt the best restaurant in Córdoba where you can enjoy a good beef tenderloin, 100% guaranteed quality. You can have tapas at the bar or reserve a table (essential), if you don't like to eat standing up. It is located a few meters from the Mosque. Grilled meat (churrasqueadas) with oak charcoal, for lovers of the ribeye you already know, a must visit ..

Price approx. pax ... € 18-25


San Cristobal Tavern

Although this tavern is not located in the historic center of the city, it is well worth visiting. They have a very varied menu and there is no specialty to disappoint. If you pass by here we recommend you try: the eggplants (possibly the best in Córdoba), oxtail croquettes, spider fish or fried squid.

Price approx. pax... €18

Recomiendo Restaurant

ReComiendo is based on a kitchen with traditional nuances and the memory as maximum flavor, combining creativity and dishes made with innovative techniques. With this restaurant, Periko Ortega began to be recognized for her creativity and her peculiar conception of cooking.

La Bodeguilla Tavern

They have two restaurants. One located in the neighborhood of Ciudad Jardín and the other in the center, next to the Plaza de las Tendillas. We recommend you try: wedge of potato tortillas, anchovy canapé, sheep cheese or Russian salad.

Price approx. pax ... € 16

La Boca Restaurant

Creative fusion of oriental and Spanish recipes, in a modern place and with a careful wine list and very specialties.

Price approx. pax... € 28


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